Keep on the Peninsula

Saving the town one step at a time

Gresh and Graden both wake up with dreams. As the party starts heading for the unexplored area that Balgrun said leads down, they come across Splug – who informs them that the town is in danger. After a short discussion about the imminent peril from below, they decide to save the town. The townsfolk have the city gates closed, and inform the group that the dead have risen from the nearby graveyard. The party comes in to re-equip, and is met by a messenger for Cenedra. Cenedra informs the party that she has to go home, and Falkrunn and the warlock decide to go with her. An adventurer also comes up, and informs the party he was sent by Mr. Cranewing to check on the party’s progress. Both the messenger (a cleric) and adventurer (a rogue) decide to go with the party to try to determine the problem at the graveyard.

In the graveyard, the party is attacked by undead and Ninaran, the elven archer they previously met in town. The party manages to dispatch all the undead, only after the combat realizing that a glowing green circle was how the undead were raised. Graden dispells the glowing green circle to make sure that no other undead can be created. Gresh manages to kill Ninaran before he runs off, and finds a note from Kalarel with a password after searching the body.

The party returns back to the keep, and continues into the unexplored area. Around a corner they encounter several zombies, but manage to take care of them fairly easily with assistance from their new cleric. The group continues on to a large corridor with multiple sarcophagi in pairs along the walls. Becoming cautious, the rogue starts scouting ahead – but as soon as he goes in between the first pair, all the sarcophagi open with a bang.



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