Keep on the Peninsula

New friends

The party decides to do what Splug suggests. They follow him into a large room where other goblins have been mining for quite some time. The party fights the goblins, but encounters trouble since the goblins are on top of un-dug areas that are hard to get to. Gresh tries to charge in, but once again goes down (after taking out two guard beasts). Falkrunn manages to heal Gresh just in time. After more fighting, during which once again most of the party is hurt, the goblins are finally vanquished.

With the secret door to Balgrun now unprotected, Cenedra goes through the corridor to kidnap the goblin leader. She succeeds, and brings him back where the party proceeds to terrorize and intimidate Balgrun into giving the party a map of the top level of the dungeon – at least, as much as he knows. Balgrun also says he has been following the directions of Kalarel, but at this point he is just going to run as far away as possible. The party discusses killing Balgrun for a long time – Gresh thinks that Balgrun has been marked by the Raven Queen for death, and most of the party agrees – however, Gresh wants to kill him immediately while most of the others want to use Balgrun to find any traps on the way down. After a long discussion, they finally let Balgrun go. (During this discussion, Splug has also run away) The party then decides to sleep in the secret corridor.



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