Keep on the Peninsula

First sight

The party gets together after various resurections and shopping, and decides to finally investigate the keep they originally came out for. They travel down the road, and up the overgrown path to the keep. There, they discover some of the ruins have been cleared away and a stairway leading down revealed.

Once heading down the stairs, they find a goblin. Falkrunn charges forward to attack, but falls into a pit trap. Everyone else maneuvers around the trap, trying to take out four goblins that dodge around for quite some time. The party eventually manages to kill all four – only barely keeping one from escaping out a previously-unopened door. The party then closes that door and goes down another corridor, finding a blood trail leading through another door with voices coming through it. Everyone lines up and prepares attacks as Graden opens the door.

When the door opens, the party confronts several goblins and a hobgoblin torturer in a torture chamber. After a couple of bullrushes, the hobgoblin manages to get Gresh into the iron maden, and one of the goblin closes the door. The rest of the party concentrates on the hobgoblin and takes him down, and Gresh manages to break out and help clean up the rest of the goblins. Cenedra and Gresh find a goblin in a cell, and release it. He says his name is Splug. After a lot of intimidation (including threatened torture) and some diplomacy, he tells the party he can lead them to his ‘boss’, Balgrun the Fat. He also leads them to an amulet of Healing.



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