Keep on the Peninsula

...and back to our story

When last we left the party, they were in a corridor of standing sarcophagi. The rogue had started to examine the sarcophagi, which prompty all opened up.

Skeletons climb out of the sarcophagi and start attacking the party immediately. Gresh charges forward to stand next to the rogue, and they fight side-by-side. The cleric steps forward and manages to take out several of the skeletons, and Graden manages to take out several others. However, more are coming in from the sarcophagi every couple seconds. Gresh rushes down the corridor to try to block off one end, and notices that the end of the corridor has a temple. From the carvings, he realizes it is a temple to Bahamut. He kneels down to offer a blessing to Bahamut, which releases a blast of light throughout the corridor. No more skeletons appear.

The party finds a door at the end of the corridor, and the rogue opens it. They find a room with a single sarcophagus, which they examine. The rogue suggests opening it to find if anything is useful, but the cleric and paladin veto that. The party starts to leave – but a skeleton rises from the lid and demands that they explain themselves. The skeleton quizes Gresh and the rest of the party, and they manage to convince him that they are there to close the portal. The skeleton gives Gresh a magical sword and tells the party they may get a blessing from the temple outside the door. While praying, the priest notices a gleaming section on the altar, but can’t find anything. After a careful search, the rogue points out a secret latch. On opening, they find four platinum dragon statues. Each party member takes one.

The party continues through unexplored areas, and encounters a symbol covering the floor. Graden summons a magical disc to move everyone over the symbol without touching it, although the rogue decides to jump across. While moving himself over a symbol and around a corner, Graden finds several zombies. Trying to cast one of his spells, Graden falls off and activates the symbol – which lets out a shriek. Gresh, the rogue, and the priest run in terror leaving Graden to fight the zombies. Graden manages to survive until the party returns, but one of the zombies manages to grab Graden. One of the priest’s spells throws the zombie and Graden almost to the stairs down. The zombies do manage to knock Graden out, but the cleric heals Graden before anything happens. The party takes out the rest of the zombies handily.

Continuing on, the rogue finds a secret door, and after a long search finds a lever on the cieling to open it. However, when it opens they don’t find anything. While searching the room, the rogue’s hand passes through one of the walls. He steps through, and is immediately attacked by several zombies. The rest of the party tries to help. Graden is grabbed once again, and one of his powers thrusts the zombie and himself back again. However, the party does manage to take down the rest of the zombies without major incident.



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